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About Marinda Hall

After completing my studies in communication sciences, I started working with groups in 2002, as a research consultant and later as a senior strategy consultant at ABN AMRO. I now have years of experience within (semi)governmental organisations and know how to operate sensitively within their internal and external complexity.

I have a lot of experience with infrastructure, IT, policy, science and complex (international) collaboration and can quickly crack into a complicated issue and articulate this in an understandable and connecting way.

I also regularly work with directors, ministers, officials, and management on stage. I think it is important that the atmosphere is relaxed and that there is a pleasant connection with the audience.


As a moderator or Master of Ceremonies, I prepare thoroughly and can contribute to a smart set-up for the day, but I am flexible on the day itself.

I am told by participants and customers that I:
- am friendly and welcoming but clearly take the lead
- have an accessible way of presenting and therefore connect easily with the audience
- don't take myself too seriously, which can make people laugh and break the ice quickly
- tie the day together in a pleasant way, let speakers shine
- purposefully present as a facilitator of the process, keeping my own opinion in the background
- also speak British English fluently, and have a lot of experience with international audiences
- am known for good time management.

Marinda met hoofdmicrofoon en uitgestoken hand naar het publiek

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What they say

"Always a pleasure having you moderate, Marinda. Never a boring experience." (via LinkedIn)

"No doubt this event will be successful with you as host. Looking forward to seeing you on stage." (via LinkedIn)



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